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If they can put a fixed flash mugen here!!! OMG... I PISS MY SELF!!!!


It's cool to see how you get a group of people to come together and make a cool short movie. If you were disney you'd put pixar out of business. Still, this is hot and it would be much benefit us all if a sequal was to be made. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A GAME TO THIS. I HATE WHEN GAMES ARE MADE TO GOOD MOVIES. The games never come out right. I recommend this vid for everyone to see. This is too cool!

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Why should a game like this even be on a PC. Another jump forever game. Nice art and bit of a different feel to it. Great work dev.

I actually like this game, but what limits this is the ammo. Why do you have a cache? You can't pick up more ammunition AND it carries over from gun to gun? Why is that? When you upgrade to a gun you should have a different set of ammo.

Love the weather elements of the game, and how it helps you out too. Nice game.

First i got to wave 2, played again and got to 12. Nice Job

dereklarue responds:

Thank you for playing and reviewing! The ammo is limited to add difficulty to the game and will require you to think about what gun you should use, I suppose I could give players more ammo but I want some implied danger for using up all ammo haha. Each gun has its own ammo supply (you can run out of shotgun ammo and still use another gun till that ammo runs out). If your guns are using another weapons' ammo supply then its definitly a bug (in which case get me some details on what gun and whos ammo and I will address it asap). Your bullets will do more damage and you will get more ammo when you upgrade a gun. Good job on getting to wave 12, I am glad you enjoyed playing! Thanks again!! :)


Just because it's a fully functional game. Question? Have you tested this yourself to work out some of the glitches in the game. I found some hidden links that lead your channel as well. Not the one that's blatantly at the bottom right but i clicked a cage and it opened up a link.

You don't know what's clickable until you hover over it. It says for google and apple. Think about a touchscreen, you can't hover over it to see a hand. All moveable objects should be clarified with each stage.

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